Sweet Baby Jason! it's a Freelance job

Freelance Freelance Strategic Copywriter. co: collective. New York, NY, USA. BOOM! Nuff said.


The role

co:collective is looking for a senior level creative and strategy hybrid to lead projects and teams in developing business changing work.

While the primary role on most projects is that of a copywriter, developing compelling messages, manifestos, and tone of voice materials, you’ll also be deeply embedded with our strategic team, transforming research findings into meaningful brand stories. You’ll develop groundbreaking work for an impressive roster of clients that is culturally attuned and lights up the medium of people.

Who you are

You are an innately curious creative with an itch to be a part of a unique team of dynamic innovators.

Your particular superpower is writing, but you aren't satisfied with just making words sound nice, rather, you are…

- A strategic visionary who understands and cares about solving complex business challenges.
- A skilled collaborator, able to think on your feet and work well with a multidisciplinary team
- Talented at big thinking and innovative ideas that go across platforms, channels, internal and external.
- You’ve developed big ideas and campaign concepts but your experience skills and ambitions go far beyond traditional.
- You thrive in an environment where you’re not just executing work, but shaping the core narrative and brief itself.
- You're versatile, compelling, and can help to drive the creative direction in an environment that is obsessed with being one step ahead of the future.

What you'll do

- Ideate strategic and creative solutions to some of the most challenging business problems and high profile client.
- Transform deep strategic thinking and research finding into crisp articulations
- Collaborate to determine differentiated brand stories for leading brands
- Use language such as manifestos and presentation skills to sell your vision to senior clients
- Create tone of voice guidelines and messaging frameworks
- Transform internal proof points into compelling external language
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6-9 years


Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Strategy

Date Posted

July 29, 2021

Managed By

Katherine Perry