I was the creative director for Roman for a year and a half. My mandate was to elevate the brand by communicating authentically about real sexual health issues that men face. In that relatively short stint, I led the creative team through many integrated campaigns, product launches, a brand and visual identity revamp, and a serious volume of evergreen performance collateral. It was rad.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Art Direction, Broadcast, Comedy, Commercial, Content, Design, Humor, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Interactive, Mobile, Post-Production, Radio, Social, SOWs, Technology, TV, Visual Development, Creative Direction, Storyboarding, Copywriting, Painting, Creative Strategy, Brand Strategy, Design Strategy, Creative Research, Still Life Photography, Packaging Design, Figma, Directing, Film Pitch Desk Design
Advertising, Brand Guidelines, Commercials - Radio, Commercials - Video, GIFs, Photography, Pitch Decks, Social Media Content, UI Design, UX Designs, Websites, Commercials - Broadcast