FOX College Football

Made at Gretel Creative Director: Ryan Moore Art Direction: Adam Grabowski, Sinan Buyukbas Designers: Adam Grabowski, Adam Wentworth, Sinan Buyukbas AE Animators: Chase Massengill, Peter Harp, Sinan Buyukbas, Adam Grabowski, Andrew Brown Editor: Christiane Brown The split-screen idea started with the initial sketchs I did during the pitch phase. It was the most powerful direction in our deck with its concept, motion design and visuality. Teaming up with talented Adam Grabowski under the creative guidance of Ryan Moore, we built `split-screen` design direction that won the pitch. The rest was to finish all the aspects of this football graphics package with awesome designers and animators. The split-screen design direction for this broadcast package is all about `the game`. Using metaphors, aimed to bring out the very soul of the game; narrating the behind story, all the hard work, team spirit, the enthusiasm and the epic rivalry of football that also lives along the design elements of the package. "The split-screen can be utilitarian or poetic. It can unify or separate. It can add a layer of meaning greater than the sum of the individual clips. It carries through to the graphic system as well, and informs everything from the matchup endpages to the lower thirds. " Gretel Team

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2D Graphics, Brand Strategy
2D Animations, Branding
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