Mailchimp - Big Change Starts Small

Mailchimp believes that corporate responsibility is due for a reboot - that in order to make real impact, we have to change the way we think about how to give. For the last 6 years, as a company, they’ve been testing a new methodology: Giving to local nonprofits directly, without restriction or regulation, and encouraging others to join in this new approach. We were tasked with telling the world about this new way of giving. It was a complicated story to tell, but through a fun animated film and a dynamic website, we were able to get across our simple idea: Big Change Starts Small. The film drove viewers to the campaign microsite to learn all about Mailchimp's method, their partners and ultimately their impact. AWARDS: D&AD - Wood Pencil (Animated Illustration) ADC - Gold Cube (Animation, Series) SHORTLIST: D&AD - Shortlist (Animation) One Show - Shortlist (Craft, Animation) PRESS: Adage Creativity - Editors Pick Adage - Top 5 Creative Brand Ideas You Need to Know Right Now Forbes Los Angeles Egotist Stash Media LBB

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