Project Re: Brief

Yesterday's biggest ads re-imagined for today's smallest digital ad space. We went looking for four of the ad world's biggest ideas, brought their legendary creators out of retirement, and showcased the amazing potential of Google’s display advertising (well... amazing for 2012 :)) We then partnered with award-winning director Doug Pray to document the whole thing. Coca-Cola: Inspired by the timeless Hilltop ad, we created web-enabled vending machines that let everyone "Buy the world a Coke." Avis: Keeping the “We Try Harder” promise, we encouraged customers to share their feedback by giving them an instant animated response. Volvo: People followed in real time a guy drive a Volvo “like he hates it” across America. Alka Seltzer: America’s beloved character Ralph came back with more engaging stories altered by geo-location.

Project Roles
Art Director
Johannes Leonardo
Art Direction, Digital
Products - Digital
Project Industries
Advertising, Automotive, Beverage, Technology
Project Re: Brief