Cartier Follow the Clou

Taking inspiration from the Juste Un Clou hardware legacy, we turned an ordinary shipping container into an extraordinary homage to the precious piece of jewelry. The container traveled the country and appeared as the centerpiece of the Precious Garage, an experience which invited people to explore the collection and the bolder side of Cartier. Along the way, artists who embody Cartier’s edginess helped us celebrate the collection with performances at each stop. Online, fans were invited to #FollowTheClou. We turned an ordinary 40 ft container into a precious installation completely covered in gold. To tell the origin story of the Juste un Clou, we used an ordinary nail to punch holes in the ceiling of the container. When guests stepped inside they found themselves in a world where golden rays rained down from the ceiling to track their every movement. Along the walls people explored the collection while taking photos and videos of the mesmerizing mileu.

Project Roles
3D CAD, Environmental, Experiential, Rendering, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, SketchUp
Environmental Design, Events
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Cartier Follow the Clou