Close the tap

This was a project I solely created for “Young Glory” competition. The goal was to get people across the world to close the tap when they are brushing their teeth. The concept for this idea came from realizing that people need visual stimulant in order for issue to have stronger impact on them. The idea is to create waterproof stickers for bathroom sinks, with visuals of people who have limited access to water. This stickers would be sold on ‘Close the tap’ community website, and all the money collected would go to building Infrastructure in cities that most need it. The campaign around it would have the slogan: ‘Make me happy, close the tap’. In this way, a person would be instantly reminded that there are people who very much need the water that person is wasting (by leaving the tap on while brushing teeth, etc.). This would not be a one -time campaign, but would change the people’s habits, since the sticker would be great reminder of the difficult situation some are in. On top of this, the community website would be totally transparent- and person would be able to create their own profile, and find out exactly where their money went. Also, they could watch videos from the place their money went to, and contact activist responsible for that area. Part of my idea – the stickers being used in the sinks was used in the Colgate campaign in collaboration with Marriott hotels, which you can watch here: https://adage.com/creativity/work/water-savers/47084?

Project Roles
Creative Director, Designer
Young Glory
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
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Close the tap