WWF Social Change

WWF approached us (Hyper Island Students) as they faced a challenge to attract loyal members. They asked us to come up with fundraising solution that would engage people in the stories of endangered life. They were very open to us coming up with ideas using interactive media and technology. The Insights that followed from the brief and our research were that people felt distant from the causes, and that storytelling creates engagement. Our idea was to create a thought provoking experience- an engagement tool disguised as a mobile game. The goal was to make people relate and feel close to the animals. We came up with a free downloadable app based around the taking care of a young animal from an endangered species. It works like this: You choose your animal buddy You take care of him/her You learn their eating, sleeping habits etc.. You try to help them against the dangers they face as an endangered species Suddenly, after a fixed, short amount of playtime with your animal buddy, it will go extinct.

Project Roles
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
App Design
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WWF Social Change