Converse- Hack A Chuck

While studying at Hyper Island in the Interactive Art Direction programme I, together with a team worked on a brief from Converse in order to “hack” a pair Chucks into something completely new. The key was Innovation and Imagination. The team consisted of 5 people, where I was creative lead responsible for leading the whole process: from organizing brainstorming, deciding on the creative solution, overlooking design, production, programming and delivering the functional prototype. We got pair of Chucks from Converse and came up with idea to “hack” a shoe, using “LightBlueBean” technology. We programmed the shoe to produce a “Karate Kick” sound whenever it hit something. The project was called “ChucKarate” . It was very intensive 4-day project, in which we succeeded to come up with the idea, produce a functional prototype, design the brand identity for the project, and produce a promotional video. The project exceeded clients expectations and it was overall amazing experience.

Project Roles
Art Director
Hyper Island
Arduino, Creative Direction, Creative Research
Project Industries
Converse- Hack A Chuck