Mountain Dew x NBA x Joey Bada$$

This project had 3 clients, and all were very happy with the experience and results. Mountain Dew sponsored the NBA season and held a special event during the NBA All Star game. We got Joey Bada$$ to write a custom song for this partnership and we made a branded music video for the song. We also produced a multitude of traditional broadcast spots to play throughout the season, banner ads, gifs, and social cuts. I brought on a music video director who worked with Joey in the traditional artist/mv director relationship to develop the creative.

Project Roles
Executive Producer
Mountain Dew
Post-Production, Producing, Wrangling - Celebrities, Wrangling - Creatives, Maintaining Schedules, Managing Budgets, Celebrity
Commercials - Broadcast, GIFs, HTML 5 Banners, Music Videos
Project Industries
Beverage, Music, Sports