The Abandoned Furniture

The Abandoned Furniture Series is a photography series by The Unfortunate Bakery, to explore another aspect of property waste in Los Angeles, CA. To residents in LA, it is a familiar scene to witness worn out furniture immersed in the sun along the sidewalks. They are often ignored by the pedestrian. What are the stories behind these unfortunate furnitures and electronics in the neighborhood? Do they lose their values in the end? Will it be any kinds of possible interactions with homeless people in the city? The poster series capture the miserable fate of these types of furniture with a sense of humor. This self-initiated project would like to raise people's awareness and look at the city through different lenses.

Project Roles
Designer, Illustrator, Photographer
Personal Project
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Black & White, Creative Research, Design
Art, Branding, Icons, Illustrations, Personal Project, Photography, Posters, Taglines, Typography, Visual Designs
Project Industries
Advertising, Media, Travel/Tourism
The Abandoned Furniture
The Abandoned Furniture
The Abandoned Furniture
The Abandoned Furniture