Malibu Rum's Search for Summer

Malibu Rum is all about being spontaneous. And what do millennials do when they want to be spontaneous? They head to Google to see what’s around. Keeping this in mind, we partnered with the 360i Search Team to create a series of fun, beautiful videos that could only be found through unexpected search terms. Some videos could be found through a simple recipe search, such as “Malibu + Pineapple.” Others were a bit more interesting and had riddles to be solved, ending in titles like “Malibu + Nightlife” or “Malibu + Love”. The campaign won Best Video Campaign at the 2016 US Search Awards and our approach and results were covered by Digiday.

Project Roles
Malibu Rum
Conceptual, Copywriting, Scripting
Social Media Content
Project Industries
Advertising, Beverage