New York Life – "Keep Good Going"

At Havas Worldwide, I pitched, won and re-branded New York Life. For 32 years, they had been "The Company You Keep", but we turned the world of life insurance advertising on its head. Instead of talking like a protective parent and selling fear, we let the viewers share all of the good things in their life and let them know it was our mission to help them keep those good things going. Our "Keep Good Going" campaign was held together by what we called Life Lessons - simple truths we all learn and share about how to live a good life. Our online videos and TV featured real people sharing their real stories. The results were heartfelt and humorous by turns and always undeniably genuine.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
New York Life
Broadcast, Conceptual, Content, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Digital, Management of Teams 1-10, Post-Production, Print, TV
Advertising, Brand Films, Brand Guidelines, Branded Content, Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Video, Social Media Content
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New York Life – "Keep Good Going"
New York Life – "Keep Good Going"
New York Life – "Keep Good Going"
New York Life – "Keep Good Going"