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  1. Creative Director /
  2. Art Director /
  3. Copywriter


Happy, Hard-working, Problem-solver



Broadcast, Comedy, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Experiential, Interactive, Mobile, Multi-cultural, New Business, Print, Radio, Social, Stunts, Art Direction, Commercial, Integrated, Outdoor, TV, 360° Video, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Black & White, Brand Strategy, Cat Herding, Celebrity, Compositing, Content, Content Management, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Dance (Traditional), Dance / Club (General), Design Strategy, Drama, Editing, Humor, Keynote, Kid Friendly, Live Action, Post-Production, Retouching, Scripting, Social Media Strategy , Sports, Stop Motion, Storyboarding, Strategy, Tech Strategy, Technology, Travel, Type Design, User Behavior Research, Vector, Visual Development, Wrangling - Celebrities, Wrangling - Creatives, Management of Teams 1-10, Management of Teams 10-20



Brand Guidelines, Posters, Advertising, Branded Content, Case Study Videos, Commercials - Radio, Commercials - Video, Interactive Installations, Interactive Videos, Commercials - Broadcast, 360° Video, App Design, Apparel, Art, Augmented Reality, Books, Brand Films, Briefs, Children's Books, Corporate Events, Editorial Designs, Editorial Writings, Events, Fashion Designs, Games - Board, Games - Console, Games - Mobile, Games - VR, GIFs, Key Art, Lettering, Logos, Manifestos, Microsites, Mobile Apps, Mood Boards, Personal Project, Photography, Pitch Decks, Presentations, Sketch Comedy, Storyboards, Taglines, Television, Themed Environments, Treatments, Typography, User Flows, User Journeys, Virtual Reality, Visual Designs, Web Apps, Websites, Wireframes